Turn Engagement into Revenue With the Insticator Widget


Activate your static visitors with the Insticator Widget.

Through customizable, interactive content such as Quizzes, Polls and Suggested Stories, the Insticator Widget incites visitors to engage with your content. Each time a visitor interacts with the Insticator Widget, they encounter a combination of ad exposures on top, below and/or over the widget. With every click, new ad units are pulled, increasing the viewability of ads and generating more revenue for sites.

Additionally, with access to a premier network of advertisements and sophisticated anti-ad blocking technology, the Insticator Widget offers unrivaled benefits for both publishers and brands. Simply put: the Insticator Widget is the only tool you’ll ever need to engage your site visitors.

Turn your visitor engagement into revenue with the Insticator Widget plugin.


  • Test your visitors’ knowledge with site-specific Quizzes
  • Stay connected with your audience with custom Polls
  • Keep ‘em reading with Suggested Stories
  • Restore lost revenue with Anti-Ad Blocking technology
  • Load in custom content curated weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly by our editorial team
  • Cross language barriers with translated content in over 30 languages
  • Maintain an authentic experience for visitors through personalized branding
  • Deliver relevant advertisements from top brands to desired demographics
  • Collect insightful widget engagement and advertising data from your Dashboard

About Insticator

Insticator is a global ad tech company that specializes in content creation and data collection. With our suite of interactive widgets, publishers and brands can engage site visitors significantly more, while in turn generating additional ad revenue.

Still Have Questions?

For more information on Insticator and our product, visit insticator.com and Insticator’s Help Center.

You can also request to speak with an Insticator representative by emailing support@insticator.com.

Our Blog

Check out Insticatorblog.com for more product tips, website engagement pointers and the latest news on digital advertising trends.


  • Increase visitor engagement with customizable and interactive content.

  • Personalize your widget by adding your company logo and related images to trivia questions.

  • Create site-relevant poll questions, and track poll results inside your Insticator.com account.

  • Keep visitors reading longer with suggested stories.

  • Choose the ads’ positioning and track your site’s earnings within your Insticator.com account.


How to install the Insticator WordPress plugin

Installation Video

Installation Steps

  1. After logging into your WordPress account and entering the Dashboard area, click “Plugins” > “Add New” from the side bar menu.
  2. Type “Insticator” in the “Search Plugins” bar.
  3. Click “Install Now” on the Insticator Widget icon, then click “Activate”.
  4. Go to the “Appearance” > “Widgets” tab.
  5. On the newly loaded page, find the Insticator Widget tab and drag it into to your Website Sidebar. Arrange the plugin in the order you want it to appear on your website.
  6. Click Save, then return to your website to experience the Insticator Widget in action.
  7. Credentials to your insticator account will be sent to you via email when you activate your wordpress plugin. Go to Insticator.com to customize your widget and view your advertising and engagement metrics in your account.

It will take up to 2 hours for your ads to be displayed after you activate the widget. If your ads are not visible 24 hours after activating your widget, please contact Insticator at support@insticator.com. To view your advertising earnings and plugin performance metrics, log into your Insticator.com account. Please Contact Us or email us at support@insticator.com with any questions you have.

How do I make money with Insticator?

After you install the Insticator Widget in your site, you will make money every time an ad is loaded onto your website. Each time a visitor clicks on the Insticator Widget, new ad units are pulled, increasing the viewability of ads and generating more revenue for your site.

How to customize your widget’s appearance?
  1. Log into your Insticator account and click the Widgets section.
  2. Click Edit on the widget you want to modify.
  3. Click into the Appearance section
    • In the Widget Color section, you can choose the color of your widget with the color picker or by entering a 6 digit Hex Color Code.
    • You can select the placement of your ads with your widget in the Ads Positioning section.
    • In the Widget Dimensions section, choose your desired widget width and height for both Desktop and Mobile.
    • In the Company Logo section, you can add JPEG, PNG or GIF files to display your logo on top of your widget. To do so, enter the link of the image you want to show on your widget.
  4. Click Save. It can take up to 15 minutes to reflect the changes.
What payment methods does Insticator offer?

We offer three main methods of payment.

  • PayPal, our default payment method, is available to both U.S. and non-U.S. partners.
  • ACH Transfer is only available for U.S. partners
  • Wire Transfer is only available to non-U.S. partners.

To set up your payment method, refer to our support page’s edit your account settings section. If you have more questions, please reach out to support@insticator.com. Check out our Help Center for more information regarding payments.

How long does it take for my website to display ad units after adding the widget?

After you sign up, Insticator will begin its ad unit configuration process. Depending on the site, this process usually can take up to 24 hours. If you do not see ads within 24 hours please reach out to our support team.

Once your ads are showing, revenue will be generated. Please note that every day revenue from the prior day is updated to your dashboard at 5pm EST.

If you have additional questions, please email us at support@insticator.com.

What is the difference between a pageview and an ad impression?

In digital advertising, the difference between a pageview and an ad impression is commonly confused.

A pageview counts whenever a web page starts loading onto a visitor’s screen; this triggers a “Page Visit Event” in analytical web tools such as Google Analytics. Pageviews, however, do not necessarily trigger an ad impression since ad impressions are counted whenever an ad unit loads onto a web page.

For more information, read about the difference here.

How to download and install your widget code from your dashboard?
  1. Log into your Insticator account, and click the Widgets section.
  2. Click View Code on the widget which has the code you want. Your Insticator widget’s code will open on a new page.
  3. Copy and paste the Insticator header code inside the tag of your HTML source code.
  4. Copy and paste the Insticator body code inside the and tags of your HTML source code.
  5. Reload your website to see the Insticator widget live!

Visit Widget Management from our Insticator Help Center for more details on the best widget placement practices.

How can I merge multiple accounts into a single account?

To merge your accounts, send your account information and website URL to support@insticator.com.

Why is my website not generating revenue, even though my widget is live with ad tags?

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t immediately see earnings on your dashboard.
Though your website will begin to generate revenue once it’s configured to display ads, there is a standard 24-hour delay before earning metrics are updated in your Insticator account.

Each day, revenue from the prior day is added into your dashboard at 5pm EST.
If you do not see revenue statistics even after 24 hours, please reach out to support@insticator.com. Please note that you can check your earning metrics from your Insticator.com account.

Can I have two widgets on the same page?

Due to our widget’s responsive and content-saavy design, only one widget can be installed per webpage. However, you can create unlimited widgets via your Insticator account that can be installed on multiple pages throughout your site.

How can I block specific advertisers or categories from displaying on my website?

Please send an email to support@insticator.com with a list of specific advertisers or ad categories you would like blocked.

Can I add passback tags to the Insticator ad units?

Yes. If you would like to add passback tags, please send an email including your passback code, size of your tag and your website name to support@insticator.com to have them loaded with your widget.

Can I add more than one user to my Insticator account?

Yes. To add an additional user, please send us your domain name and the user email address to support@insticator.com.

Can Insticator create a custom Quiz collection for my website?

We recommend checking our curated library of 40,000 question categories first. Visit How to add quiz collections to your widget for more details.

If you are still unable to find a Quiz collection, please reach out by sending a request to support@insticator.com along with a brief description of your preferred collection topic so we can create your desired trivia collection.


So good

Insticator is a top ad network and make to earn

Terrific plugin outstanding customer service

Insticator displays ads from top notch companies and pays some of the highest CPMs in the industry. The two biggest things to me that were unusual in the industry were the use of quizzes to catch the consumer’s attention and their outstanding customer service. I have never experienced customer service equal to the help and support I received from Insticator. Installing the plugin was done for me by their CS team and since then it has just worked. No tweaking no bugs nothing but displaying top quality ads on my WP site.

Excelent Ad network with good user engagement idea

When they contacted first, I was bit reluctant as we used to get many unwanted ads from many people. After couple e-mail interactions I agreed to keep their ads for one month and after I never felt removing their ads from my site. I using them for almost 10 months now. They are very helpful people and they are just an e-mail away. Thanks guys for quick support which I got from you. Last but not least their prompt payment.

Insticator is definitely a top tier Ad networks especially with their new plugin

I’ve been working with Insticator for over a year and half now. They have been nothing, but helpful through that time. Their plugin serves as a good way to boost revenue and engagement for any website. For those new publishers out there that worry about trying other ad networks. Not to worry Insticator is a great first network to work with. They always pay on time and very courteous your needs.

Insticator Great Revenue and Big Potential

I am using Insticator from 2015 and It was a best choice for me. I was in search of best website friendly advertising media. Currently I am using insticator plugin on my two websites. This is super plugin for website owners.Insticator Plugin is Easy to use, Website friendly, Lots of potential for growth.

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